Our mission is to bring clinical research to as many lives as possible while positively impacting the health of millions, by advancing new medicines.
Our sole focus has been on clinical research, ensuring all our clinical trial partners Participants, Sponsors, and Investigators can count on us for unparalleled service and exceptional performance.


Sonar Clinical Research Principal Investigators are industry leaders in their specialties and have published several journals in their respective fields along with hundreds of clinical trials with great success by continually delivering on our promises of unparalleled service and exceptional performance.
Our private-practice physicians have decades of experience in clinical trials and patient care and are passionate about new discoveries in Medicine. Most of our study coordinators and administrative staff are clinical professionals who understand empathy and all HIPPA, ICH rules and guidelines. Our experience in the clinical research makes us the preferred choice of sponsors.

Meet the Team

   Dr. Vincent Akinola

Principal Investigators

Dr. Otis Powell Jr
Family Medicine

Dr. David Gbadebo

Dr. James Fortson

Chikita Cunnigham
Study Coordinator

Dr. Anthony Onyegbula

Dr. Anthony Bobo

Dr. Roger Su
Study Manager

Dr. Casandra Flyod
Study Coordinator


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